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Frequently Asked Questions


Do girls stand a chance?

Unfortunately very few women work in this sector in Hungary, although there is a great need for them. There are many tasks where women can do better than men, but for some reason people think IT is for boys. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

What are the criteria for application?

The application process is a simple interview, where we can measure the language and IT competences of our candidates. This doesn’t mean that only the best ones will qualify! Our goal is to teach IT to a wide spectrum of society. So the application process is mainly about getting to know the applicants, and not about testing them. The only criteria are high-school graduation or equivalent mathematical knowledge, and language competences.

How long is a training?

Courses usually last for four months, two times a week for two hours. Between the sessions students get assignments taken from real projects and have to solve them using the scientific literature.

Do I have to speak languages?

Most of the scientific literature is in English, so you might need basic language competences to study them. Don’t be discouraged though if you speak German, because there are many job opportunities in this region without English skills.

I’m not good at math, do I still have a chance?

It is a false concept that one needs excellent mathematical skills for programming. It is high time to get rid of the stereotypes about „The Programmers” sitting in a dark room with thick-rimmed glasses, sipping soda pop – this profession is independent from age, sex, and math! It’s true, YOU can be a programmer, even a great one!

Where can I get a job?

IT is the business where you don’t have to move abroad, or to Budapest to get more salary! After your exam you will get a chance to solve the entry exercise of a local company, so besides your certificate you might also get an appointment for a job interview!

Our Courses

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Feedbacks from Our Students



We spent the courses in a friendly, familiar manner. You tried to improve our knowledge in a proper style, very clearly, and made sure that the environment is calm, pretty, and organized for studying.



This course helped me to get a better job. If you are seriously interested in coding, you can get solid foundations at the classes and by practicing at home in 4 months. The final exam is very useful for the students to measure up their development, and to be able to solve problems individually.



Teachers were a very positive experience in my opinion. They were teaching and explaining very efficiently, so this is a strong point of the courses.



We received almost entirely practical knowledge. By the end of the course we became able to create a complete web application for a browser, and we got firm foundations to be able to develop our knowledge on our own in the future.


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